Sea Forest with Sam Elsom


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Food and Farm


Asparagopsis, a little known species of red algae native to Australian coastal waters, offers the opportunity to tackle two of the greatest challenges currently facing global agriculture – fighting climate change and producing more food with fewer resources.Livestock contribute 16% of global anthropogenic methane emissions - more than the entire global transportation sector.Extensive research done by CSIRO via its Future Feed program has found that the Asparagopsis strain of seaweed significantly reduces the methane emissions of livestock when fed as a feed supplement to animals such as cattle and sheep.Sea Forest founder Sam Elsom, together with a team of experts, are pioneering the development of the world’s first commercial production of the methane-reducing seaweed Asparagopsis armata in southern Tasmania, where the specific strain of seaweed can be found naturally in abundance year round.This episode is a must listen for anyone who eats meat or is associated with the production and farming of livestock.