Season 4 Episode 2: Johnny Depp, Kanye West, and A Special Guest?


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What's Popping? TCFM's Pop Culture Podcast


Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of What's Popping'? Today we talked about new updates in the Depp v. Heard case, Kanye West's new album, and a 'Train to Busan' US remake, and way more interesting Pop Culture news! We also welcomed a very special guest to the podcast, subbing for John who we miss very much. [:( John please come back] If you're enjoying the podcast make sure to leave us a rating and review wherever you can, as well as leaving us a voice message either answering the question of the week or just telling us what you're enjoying about the podcast on Anchor at the link below. Leave us a Voice Message! Anchor: Catch us LIVE! Twitch: Watch BTS and Funny Clips! TikTok: Watch the Video Version! Youtube: TCTV Nonstop! 24/7 Student Powered Content!: Julia's Writing: