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WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors


So... welcome back to Season 5 of the WatchPitch Podcast and You Tube Channel program with a special focus on the “thaw from the impacts of COVID on entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Investors.For Episode 2 and 3, for Season 5, we are going to Europe, across the pond as they say, to visit with two Founders who competed and were finsihers at this Year’s Virtual, Knowledge Graph Conference. Their companies depend on knowledge graphs for their business solutions, just like when you say, “Hey Siri” what’s the weather in London like today, or “Alexa, play me some jazz,” knowledge graphs are being accessed to give you those results.AI or artificial intelligence is increasingly harder to avoid when building relevant business opportunities for the future. The winner of the Knowledge Graph Conference Pitch Competition, Dennis Diefenbach, Founder the QA Company joins us from Paris to share how his company is engaging the European Commission as his anchor client to connect its citizens and its complex work of meeting the needs of its members to solve global challenges. An inspired conversation you are sure to learn from...let’s get started!