SEASON 5, EPISODE 53 with Sabrina Viitasaari & Nusa Sentara


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WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors


And...welcome back to Season 5 of the WatchPitch Podcast and You Tube Channel program with a special focus on the “thaw from the impacts of COVID on entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Investors.For our Episodes 2 and 3, for Season 5, we are in Europe, across the pond as they say, to visit with two Founders who competed and were finsihers at this Year’s Virtual, Knowledge Graph Conference. Their companies depend on knowledge graphs for their business solutions, just like when you say, “Hey Siri” what’s the weather in London like today, or “Alexa, play me some jazz,” knowledge graphs are being accessed to give you those results.AI or artificial intelligence is increasingly harder to avoid when building relevant business opportunities for the future. The runner-up at the Knowledge Graph Conference Pitch Competition, Sabrina Viitasaari, Co-Founder the Nusa Sentara, joins us from southern Portugal but based out of Lisbon to share how her company is using AI and knowledge graphs to help solve one of the biggest issues of our time - our waste... and moving solutions and connecting those solutions, globally, to local best practices. An important and future defining effort for our entire planet...this is an inspired conversation that takes us to Finland, British Columbia, Belize, Indonesia with lots to learn and discover together ...let’s get started!