Season 5, Episode # 54 with Angie Flynn-McIver and "Before You Say Anything"


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Welcome back to Season 5 of the WatchPitch Podcast and You Tube Channel program with our special season focus on the “thaw” from the impacts of COVID on entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Investors.And in this episode # 54 we are doing a deep dive with Pitching during this time when we might indeed, start to find ourselves back-in person with a group of peopleAngie Flynn -McIver is one of our pitch coaches and during COVID she decided to put the time to good use and write a book that cracks the code on everything you do...BEFORE you say anything.Gold nuggets in here that you can use right away and I am confident there is lots to learn for those of you embarking on presenting anything with conviction and ease in front of a group of people. This conversation with Angie was so helpful !Love how intention is at the core of our connecting with ease, and clarity no matter who the audience is.Angie’s Consulting Company, is full of talent and coaches who can help you and your team members deliver successful presentations and pitches with ease.Her eBook, look for it beginning on Oct. 6th and visit the website for more information about the book release for, Before You Say AnythingWe are indeed, on a threshold, a re-start and new beginning, looking forward against a challenging past...but a future with new opportunities to embrace.Thanks for joining me, Trey Scott, and our guest, Angie Flynn McIver for  Season 5, Episode # 4 of the WatchPitch Podcast and You Tube Channel.