SEASON 5, EPISODE #56 with Founder & Owner, Andrew Lachlan of the SAUNA HOUSE


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For this Episode, our 6th this season, we are going to the Sauna House. Now you might be pausing right now, thinking huh, a Sauna House? You mean where you sweat, it’s hot, you take a cold plunge and get back in, and sweat some more? Yep, The Sauna House. Founder and Owner Andrew Locklin, after many entrepreneurial businesses, including a helicopter rental operation - you’ll hear more about that in a moment - turned to the ancient and time-tested tradition and experience of the sauna…and is now enterprising that for a national launch in 2022. He started the business the year before COVID and as you can imagine, had to shut it down, during COVID, but also with a loyal team, figured out a way to re-open and is turning a profit with scaling plans and momentum that is taking him nationwideThis is a new lifestyle and healing direction for Americans who are admittedly, a bit behind on what Europeans know full well, about the benefits of sauna. Andrew gets personal with his own discoveries as a business owner, his journey and some sage advice for navigating the passion that is at the origin story of every start-up entrepreneur and business owner. This episode with Andrew covered so much turf and territory that many of us as entrepreneurs and business owners face. What’s particularly valuable here is a commitment to culture, from the inside-out. As a Founder and Owner, we have to inform our organization, our business operations and our passion around what we value most in order to be successful and rooted in the vision and mission of our passion to operate a business. For Andrew, people, planet and profit are at the center but I am also going to add one more element we discovered togethet in this podcast - a personal commitment to well-being. Without that, it’s clear that suffering is going to be part of the equation of our business experience. And most certainly, with a business focused on well-being, there is a daily reminder of that commitment.We are indeed, on a threshold, a re-start and new beginning, looking forward against a challenging past...but a future with new opportunities to embrace.Thanks for joining me, Trey Scott, and our guest, Andrew Locklin for  Season 5, Episode # 6 of the WatchPitch Podcast and You Tube Channel program.