Season One Finale: “St. Justus Day Massacre” Part I


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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution


Season One Finale: “St. Justus Day Massacre” Part I. July 14th 1789 - the kindhearted and absent minded manager of a city supply depot and several of his associates are publicly tortured and dismembered without so much as the pretense of justice. There was a grim farce as the depot manager, the criminals were chanting to him, singing about how they were going to kill him in particular details… they lied, the truth was far worse… threatening to blow the building up as he waved at burning torch around. One of his fellows who thought better of the mob and worse of him took the torch away from the shaking hand and that was that. The depot was ransacked, several deviant perverts by even today’s standards and two forgers a bit sub par by today’s measure, were released; in keeping with the theme the redhanded felons then burned the depot down and put their victims heads on sticks. If you’ve been listening to the podcast this far you know how such a heinous crime could be held up as a national celebration. But if you want to know why this national celebration affects your life right now, this very minute, then tune in. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at