Self-Censoring Anger and Rage-Inducing Drinking Games


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Lady Lit


It’s that time of the month, and we are seeing red in this episode. For today’s show, I spoke with my friend, the fantastic Leanna Milburn, about Soraya Chemaly’s ode to female rage, Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger. Be prepared for many exasperated “ughhh” noises.  Women have a lot to be angry about, and this book is a fantastic primer on both the roots of our rage, and the social and physical implications of it.  We did a lot of self-censoring this episode, which is also indicative of how deeply we’ve internalized the messaging that women aren’t permitted to show their anger (unless, of course, it falls nicely into some of the ‘noble’ categories, such as a mother’s anger on behalf of her children). What we do get into however, is: the way anger has played into our working lives; the women in rural Canadian communities who are travelling great distances at their own personal costs to give birth; the horrifying history of women’s healthcare; and a round of Never Have I Ever: The Microaggression Edition Grab yourself a drink and let's get into it.