Self esteem


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Self-esteem or self love this podcast episode is about taking care of yourself and making sure that you love yourself enough to know that you’re worth it and to make sure that your self-esteem is high. How do we raise her self-esteem I think we do it day by day moment by moment we take the time to truly appreciate all the wonderful things about ourselves and we work hard to raise our standards self-esteem is a beautiful quest or self-love and if we don’t do it no one will we keep working hard. Self-esteem is the art of working with her ego but not for our ego as well as breaking out and lifting ourselves up if we have higher self-esteem will get paid more or do more of the things we love and will be able to say no to the things that we don’t like doing make sure that you listen to this episode and that you start to work on your self-esteem thank you --- Support this podcast: