Self-Image & Human Behaviour | Flourish with Diane Planidin | Ep. 115 |


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Do you know the best possible preparation for Success in Life? Diane shares insightful inspiration from the world renowned psychologist, Dr. Joyce Brothers - a pioneer and leader in the field. "An individual's self-concept is at the core of his/her personality. It affects every aspect of human behaviour." Dr. Joyce Brothers Take 5 minutes for yourself today to watch or listen in on an uplifting concept for a positive mindset in a simple way. "Every morning is a gift for all of us" Diane Planidin Live an Inspired Life #SelfImage #Flourish #DrJoyceBrothers CONNECT: Website: https://www.Flourish.Mom Twitter: https://www.Twitter.Com/FlourishMom Facebook https://www.Facebook.Com/Flourish.Mom Insta: Pinterest: Watch on YouTube