Session 37 | Hiccups and Follies


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Duck Duck Dice


Duck Duck Dice is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition actual play story set in the home brew land known as Amberush. You can join us every week on Twitch at Follow us on Twitter @PartyFowlGames Below is a list of music that may have played on this video: Will Savino's music is featured on this stream. You can check out Will's work on his patreon: and help support the awesome work he does! Achaidh Cheide, Celtic Impulse, Clenched Teeth, Curse of the Scarab, Dark Times, Desert City, Drums of the Deep, Firebrand, Five Armies, Folk Round, Gregorian Chant, Healing, Hidden Past, Hit the Streets v2, Lagoa v2, Long Road Ahead, Long Road Ahead B, Lord of the Land, Lost Frontier, Lost Time, Midnight Tale, Moorland, Mountain Emperor, Mystery Bazaar, Night Break, Pippin the Hunchback, Private Reflection, Savannah Sketch, Send for the Horses, StompDance, Supernatural, Suvaco do Cristo, Tafi Maradi no voice, Teller of the Tales, Tikopia, Tranquility Base, Willow and the Light By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0: By Attribution license. Additional music by Table Top Audio: