#ShareMyCheck: Redistributing Stimulus Money for Justice & Mutual Aid (with Resource Generation & Movimiento Cosecha)


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Irresistible (fka Healing Justice Podcast)

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Stimulus checks from the US government are starting to hit bank accounts for qualifying citizens this week. What is going on with those checks, and if we don't need them for our own immediate survival, how can we think about redistributing for justice & mutual aid right now? We spoke with Yahya Alazrak (Campaign Director at Resource Generation) and Dara Marquez (volunteer field organizer with Movimiento Cosecha) about the #ShareMyCheck campaigns they're leading. They share with us some amazing opportunities to move money to mutual aid funds and grassroots movement organizations during this crisis, especially to undocumented workers who are on the frontlines of essential work right now but did not qualify for any stimulus support. Donate directly to undocumented immigrants facing financial hardship from COVID-19: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/cosechamutualaid Sign the pledge to #ShareMyCheck: https://www.sharemycheck.org Transcript, further resources from Dara & Yahya, & full show notes at www.irresistible.org/podcast/62 ---- Thanks to Zach Meyer for production, Josiah Werning & Alyson Thompson for design and social media, and Ana Cecilia for music. Irresistible is sponsored by Kalliopeia Foundation: Dedicated to reconnecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. Learn more at kalliopeia.org