Shooting Film, Staying Creative, and Leaving Facebook with Jacob Loafman


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He’s all about stories. A LooksLikeFilm staffer who’s releasing his own custom presets through Presets for Artists. “The only difference is that the film is unfolding in front of me, and I have to direct it on the spot,” he says. “There’s a simple beauty to that challenge.”He's also an Enneagram 4 and my soul twin because we have the same 1960 movie classic faves. He also created a custom preset for me that I am dying to use this year. We discuss his quick rise to fame, the crash and burn, and the desperate climb back to creativity and uniqueness.Jacob's Links: WORKSHOP: If you loved this episode and want to hear more like it, please subscribe and give us a 5-star rating, share it on your Instagram stories, and send a DM if ya wanna be friends! I appreciate your support so much and I can't wait to serve you more this year! xx —AloraSupport the show (