Should I Hire A Meal Prep Company or Meal Prep Myself


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Real Time With Macro Meals


Title: Macro Meals | Should I hire Meal Prep Companies or Meal Prep Myself? | Intro: Clay ClarkDescription: You can’t out-train a bad diet. And your body needs great fuel to perform. Hey, remember when I tried to put that crappy gas in my car? You can’t put crap gas in a high performing vehicle. Why would you want to minimize the potential of the high-performance car? It can be easy (for some) to develop a gym routine but crafting a menu for successful weight loss can get complicated. So, we resort to using the lower octane fuel(lower food quality) because…it’s easier.Statistic: million Americans go on a diet each year.Yet, about 70 percent of adults in the United States are overweight or obese.-       Where is the hang-up?We live in an age of information and we can find what we need online or youtube videos of how to. But, just having the information isn’t enough. As human beings, we need structure. Or someone to put our trust in. We second guess our strategies. Just to stop because we then feel overwhelmed.What program do you follow? Like is this or that the RIGHT thing?We tend to go for the “quick unproductive fad dieting”. Studies show that the more fad-ish the strategy is, the more likely a person will revert or re-grain weight. -       SolutionCreate sustainable eating practices and long-term habit changes so you’ll never diet again. Using a meal prep service to provide food to you dramatically will increase your chances of success.We know that cooking takes time…especially when making sure an entire week’s worth of food will get you closer to your goals. After you miss a few days you figure missing a few more isn’t a big deal. Before you know it, these new habits aren’t habits at all, and you’re no longer making an effort.I don’t know about you but if I’m paying for something I have more “skin in the game”. I’m going to be committed. It would be much easier to throw my OK food away and head to lunch with coworkers than to throw my $12 meal away.Quote: “They allow you to have a ‘restaurant’ quality meal at home for much less money, and you won’t have to stock your pantry with unfamiliar spices that you might never use again,” says Keri Gans, R.D., author of “The Small Change Diet.”Action: Go to www.macromealsonline.comSupport the show