Side Roads with Dave Wilber Episode #3 Truth and Tex Crowley


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Side Roads with Dave Wilber


Join Dave Wilber as he talks about Truth on the Road and interviews Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Episode #3 of The Side Roads is a great one. My monologue speaks about The Road and Truth and how those things don't always go together in the trucking industry today. Where do we go without truth? Then, I am lucky to be joined by Tex Crowley for a wonderful interview. Tex speaks to his time as a professional driver and to his heart to make great media content with his company, Texomatic Pictures. There is no question that Tex has passion for driving and passion for drivers. And his creative and technical energy shines through. You can now listen to The Side Roads with Dave Wilber on my YouTube Channel. Head here if you'd like to do that! The Side Roads features the music of Denver based musicans, The Railbenders. Find more about them here. Thanks for listening to The Side Roads Podcast