Siesta Kiki - Season 2 - Episode 11 - KNOW YOUR WORTH!!


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Siesta Kiki


Welcome back to the Kiki! This week we are EXHAUSTED! Join us as we discuss Madisson's lazy drum fills while wearing a Zara dress as a jacket, Kelsey needs a script for PropanoLOL and gets a surprise from Gay Josh, Brandon and Pauly rap on air for 6 seconds, Jared's therapist clearly says "PUT DOWN THE VODKA SPRITE", Garrett finds the opportunity of a lifetime as a socialist's personal trainer, Cara can't go with him cuz she has that one family vacation in Italy, Juliette just wants to be happy wearing her sale diamonds from Zales and defending her box dye, but will she sacrifice the wife life with Alex for her worth??, Alex clearly could only find the Christmas wrapping paper from Beth's storage space, Chloe is torn over whether she should spill some major T, and much, much more!