Silas Howard, Director, “Organic Relentlessness”


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TV & Film

My guest this week on HOW DID YOU GET HERE podcast is Silas Howard. Silas went from San Francisco punk rocker, who didn’t know how to play his instrument when he first started and ended up touring the world with his band; to cafe entrepreneur; to screenwriting a feature he and his buddy wrote, starred in and directed and that landed them at Sundance in 2002. He became a screenwriting teacher and was later the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship for media, and directing numerous critically acclaimed and award winning TV shows and feature films, including Transparent, Pose, and A Kid Like Jake.. I mean.. COME ON! This guy has seen and done so much, and one of the most remarkable thing is, he is alway in service to the story. And I love Silas’ story because it’s definitely not a traditional path to where he is now, and it didn’t matter to him if had experience doing something or not, he just jumped and figured it out, and that’s crazy inspiring to me, and honestly, it’s usually how I do things. Hope you enjoy this week's pod.