Six figure Success & Setbacks with Cara Sayer


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Her Balanced Business Podcast


  In episode 6, Kim interviews Snoozeshade CEO & Founder Cara Sayer on her journey to having a 6-figure global business. Cara shares an honest account of her bumpy journey from losing her ability to walk and several unsuccessful rounds of IVF to depression and divorce. She also recently hit the headlines for her David versus Goliath battle with a global supermarket. A business woman with true grit and resilience, she shares her insights on: managing mental health, motherhood and entrepreneurship protecting your product outsourcing selling for success   About Kim: Kim Sprague is a Certified Coach and Founder on a mission to help busy working women and entrepreneurs to create more balance in their life and business.   Kim left an 11 year career as a corporate communications leader, after training to become a Yoga Teacher in 2016 and later with the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy (AC).  She has balanced a wellness side hustle, busy job and London lifestyle; quit her job without one to go to, and has consciously created a balanced life as a Coach, founder and Mum.   Kim is passionate about holding space for women - away from their busy careers, social lives and families - to intuitively guide them and support them to find clarity, power and balance.   For more information, free resources or to work with Kim Sprague visit her website here. To discuss this episode with other female founders, leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs, join the Free Her Balanced Business online community here.     Learn more & connect with Cara here: Facebook SnoozeShade Facebook Cara Sayer LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Cara Sayer Instagram SnoozeShade   About Cara:   Cara Sayer invented and then launched the UK and US best-selling range of baby sun and sleep shades - SnoozeShade in 2010. The range has grown to about 13 products and has won over 70 awards, is endorsed by baby experts worldwide and gets rave reviews from parents. Cara is now launching a side business to help other people do the same - called Make It Market It Sell It - teaching from the coalface of running a large business solo.