SOS087: From Endodontist To Online Course Creator - With Sonia Chopra


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She Owns Success


Sonia Chopra has translated her knowledge as an Endodontic Specialist into a successful online business. She’s now on a mission to decrease global healthcare costs by providing training to general dentists on how to save their patient's teeth. Sonia is the founder of E-School, an online learning platform that provides training to general dentists in endodontic care while providing affordable access to treatments for patients who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  Topics discussed  The biggest challenges Sonia faced when starting an online business The challenges of managing two businesses in tandem and the changes Sonia had to make to grow both  The mistakes Sonia made and what she learned about leadership as a result  How to be a great leader and the importance of personal development  How to prevent burnout  Episode Show Notes - Click to go to the episode show notes page