SOS090: How To Overcome Your Biggest Challenges And Achieve Success - With Keiya Rayne


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She Owns Success


Keiya Rayne is an International speaker, Transformational Healer, and Success Coach. Having overcome a traumatic childhood, she is living proof that with the right mindset and support you can achieve anything that you desire. In this interview- Keiya shares how.  Topics discussed The Inner work- what you need to do if you want to succeed and live a life of abundance  The mindsets and beliefs that cause struggle in our life and business The right way to manifest what you desire  How to set your day up for success  The signs that you may be an intuitive healer  The biggest blocks that may be holding you back  The power of energy and why you need to focus on alignment  The number 1 reason that people don’t achieve  what they want  The 3 most common blocks that hold people back  How to attract the right people into your 1:1 business  Show Notes: Click to go to episode show notes page