SOS091: Creating A Movement That Makes An Impact - With Krista Kleiner


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She Owns Success


Krista Kleiner is the founder of The One Heart Movement, an organization with a mission of honoring the healthcare workers who have been lost in the fight against Covid19 while providing help and support to nurses and their families.  In this interview Krista, a former Miss Philippines, shares how she has brought together her extensive relationships and experience in media, entertainment, advocacy, and philanthropy, to create a fast-growing movement that’s making such a huge impact.  Topics discussed  How to create a movement that makes an impact  How to ask for help from influential people  How to win people’s trust and support  The number one challenge that holds most people back  How to shift your mindset by asking a different question  How to get involved with the one heart movement  Episode Show Notes: Click to go to episode show notes page