Space Clearing: Bringing In Higher Vibes - with Mark D'Aquila


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Real Talk For The New Age. - Created and hosted by Rebekah Muir. Episode 19 - Space Clearing: Bringing In Higher Vibes - with Mark D'Aquila. "Six years ago I spent three months in rural France, and when I was there I noticed something… in this rural area, every house had a name. The people I was staying with told me that they believe that houses have a spirit. And on the weekends they would open up all the doors and the windows and let the house breathe. This concept that the house had a spirit and needed to breathe and was a living thing that you could relate to… it was like, 'Of course.' And in my own house I notice that when my kitchen table starts to get cluttered, something happens psychologically. And then you clear it up, and make it nice again and there's this refreshing feeling. We like to have an orderliness in our space. And then this idea of doing more for the psychic atmosphere, so to say… for lack of better words. And that's where my interest in space-clearing came about. It's always in the back of my head that this home has a spirit. And so I started developing a way to cleanse the energetic structure of a space." - Find Mark at