Special: Hong Kong - Anatomy of a Revolution


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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution


“Hong Kong - Anatomy of a Revolution.” [Special] It’s not hidden, friends, and you know this full well, that this program, this podcast, has an agenda. This agenda is telling the truth about our collective past and present, and, hopefully, using this truth to help prevent a future more terrible than anyone could ever imagine but we glimpse bits of today. The truth is that of legitimism: France (among other states) has a true king who law and history determine should sit upon his rightful throne. The only people who have been able to argue against it do so on grounds of their own impiety and violence and hatred, they use no logical bases at all, because such bases do not exist. Part of our collective quest for truth deals with current events, and a current event we find ourselves in now is a revolution occurring at Hong Kong. Expat shares his cool and collected observations with you as the once bustling hub of commerce that was Hong Kong goes up in flames around him. And, who better to analyze revolution for you, than the people who study them, understand them, and use such tools as they have to prevent them ; perhaps then to restore the world that they destroyed. We Legitimists. This analysis provides details you’ve not yet heard from the peanut gallery media while putting meta-events in a perspective that both armchair historians and serious political analysts can appreciate. For more information please visit our web site at www.Fleurdelys-Club.org or send us a Voice Message at https://anchor.fm/nomdeplume/message