Spending Problem VS Income Problem: Which One Do You Have?


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In Her Financial Shoes Podcast


A big part of creating wealth is understanding where on the journey you are. While many people are trying to reach financial freedom, they often lack the basic foundations. It can be difficult to know whether our problem is spending or income. I take a deep look at how we can understand the issues that we may have with spending versus income and just how we can make changes to achieve the financial freedom that you deserve. In this episode: The importance of trusting ourselves to be able to step into alignment with our money How you can tell if you have a spending problem or an income problem What to do if you have issues with spending Practical steps to take if your issues are with your income What you can do to help move the needle forward Resources: Register for Catherine’s FREE Financial Coaching Masterclass Join The Money Circle Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 Catherine’s YouTube Channel  Connect with Catherine on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook