Spiritualism: Hi! I'm Maggie Fox and my Life is Kinda Crazy


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Happy Hour Gets Weird


We are cracking open the big ol' nut that is spiritualism. This episode we cover early spiritualism and its practices along with the fascinating beginning of the famous Fox Sisters that are widely attributed to the birth of spiritualism in the United States.Drinking a Peach Basil Vodka Sour. Cheers!!Drink Recipe and pictures on our Instagram.Happyhourgetsweird@gmail.comInstagram @happyhourgetsweirdpodTwitter @HHGetsWeirdThank you for listening! Subscribe and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple podcasts.Sources:"Radical Spirits:Spiritualism and Woman Rights in the Ninetieth Century" By Anne BraudeMediums/ Davenport episodewww.weirdhistorian.com "Rope Escapes, Musical Ghosts. and the Mysterious Magic of the Davenport Brothers" by Marc HartzmanWikipedia"Talking to the Dead" by Barbara Weisberg