Spiritualism: One and Done, Signs From Beyond Death


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Happy Hour Gets Weird


Grab a cold one and join us for happy hour in your least supportive bra and comfiest sweatpants. Minimal research maximum ridiculousness. Lights flickering? finding a lot of coins? Dog acting funny in that one room? Listen for a list of things that could actually someone trying to contact you from the other side. Cheers!Happyhourgetsweird@gmail.comIG @happyhourgetsweirdpodTwitter @HHGetsWeirdThank you for listening!!Dig us? Subscribe, leave us a review and tell your weird family and friends about us!Sources:"10 Way to Communicate With The Dead, According to an Expert" by Lizzy Acker"Signs Your Loved Ones Might Be Trying to Contact You- From The Other Side" by Rebecca Rosen on Oprah.com