SPLP Deep Listening 2: Deep Listening and Reciprocal Listening with Tina Pearson


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This three-part miniseries centers around Deep Listening®, the lifework of composer, musician, writer and humanitarian Pauline Oliveros. Aspects of this creative and meditative practice are shared from the perspectives of Sharon Stewart, Tina Pearson and Lisa E. Harris, Deep Listening certificate-holders.    In the second mini-episode Sharon Stewart draws upon her own scores and the work of Canadian composer, multimedia artist and Deep Listener Tina Pearson, inviting you to contemplate some ways we can involve ourselves in a respectful, listening and playful dialogue with our sonic environment.    This interview forms part of Sharon Stewart's current area of inquiry for the ArtEZ Professorship Theory in the Arts, namely: ethics and ethical practices within artistic research and the creative arts.   Shownotes: Oliveros’ 1976 article “On Sonic Meditation” in Software for People YouTube: Late Music Ensemble: Pauline Oliveros 'Sonic Meditation I' “Teach Yourself to Fly” Tina Pearson Website Toward A Reciprocal Listening: A score for World Listening Day 2020 by Tina Pearson Quote of Leanne Betasamosake Simpson in As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom through Radical Resistance. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2017 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) World Listening Project World Listening Day radio aporee ::: maps - sounds of the world - aporee org Sharon Stewart on SoundCloud my ear rests as the channel poetry by Shanda Studd (Sharon Stewart and Amanda Judd) Homing inside out – A listening guide for home quarantine, 2020, by Soundtrackcity, The Mystifiers and STEIM, with contributions by Sharon Stewart, Vivian Mac Gillavry, Michiel Huijsman, and Guy Wood  Sounding Places - Listening Places was commissioned by ArtEZ Studium Generale. Interviews, texts and voice overs by Sharon Stewart and Joep Christenhusz. It is produced by Ondercast for Studium Generale ArtEZ. Studium Generale curator for this series: Catelijne de Muijnck