"Save India's Airlines" - Capt GR Gopinath in Spotlight with Sandhya | Part 2


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Spotlight with Sandhya

Society & Culture

Visionary airline entrepreneur Capt GR Gopinath's order of 30 planes turned the fortunes around for the French aeroplane manufacturer ATR in 2004. Capt Gopi recalls the heady days when he also ordered 60 Airbus planes. In light of mega orders for planes by Indigo for 500 planes and Air India for 470 planes, we asked him about the growth of the airline sector in India. "The airline sector hasn't grown commensurate with other industries and less than 4% of the Indian population is traveling by air", he says. He goes on to tell Sandhya Mendonca about the policies that hinder the growth and says that setting up more airports in big cities and the creation of hubs that would drive more international traffic to Indian airports will save the Indian airline industry. He talks passionately about the value of entrepreneurship which leads to the question - Does he plan to revive his own plans to fly? - Hear the podcast to find out!

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Recorded at The Hub Bangalore

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