"Presenting Goa in a Bottle" - Solomon Diniz in Spotlight with Sandhya | Episode 65


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Spotlight with Sandhya

Society & Culture

Solomon Diniz presents the spirit of Goa in a bottle. The fourth generation of a liquor distillery wants to celebrate his heritage that’s intrinsically linked to feni. Diniz talks to Sandhya Mendonca about the rise of Adinco Distilleries from a village tavern into a company that makes over two dozen spirit variants. Diniz spearheads innovation in manufacturing and branding. After adding new gins and liquor chocolates he’s created India’s first charred whisky. In a further innovation, he’s used charred coconut shells, making it perhaps the first-ever whiskey of its kind. “The Indian consumer has evolved and we should take care in maintaining quality and always notching it up and making it better and better”, he says in this episode of the podcast.


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Recorded at The Hub Bangalore

Edited by Capital Studio