Sri Bhagavatha Kathasara - Skandha #2-Series A


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Sri Bhagavatha Kathasara

Religion & Spirituality

Dear listeners, Given the massive knowledge held in this book, we have made an attempt to concise the pod cast into episodes of roughly 20-25minutes. Kindly make sure you follow the episodes as per the title of the episode.In the second chapter (i.e. skanda), Sutha Puranika tells about concentration or Dhayna, story of Khatwanga Raja and Virata roopa of Lord Vishnu, greatness of Bhkathi, Creation of the world by Lord Srihari, Sri Bhagavatha summarised in four shlokas by Bramha (i.e. chathushloki Bhagavatha) all the different incarnations or avataras of lord Vishnu ten characteristics of puranas, explanations about jeevathma and paramathma.