SSP 092: Shira Linker - Healing Through Clarity and Expression


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State Shifters


Shira Linker (@life.of.shira) is a singer, songwriter and the founder of GentSac, a subscription-based men’s grooming and skin care brand. She joins me on this podcast to discuss avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur, finding harmony in life, learning to grieve relationships where there’s still love and the benefits of healing through expression. We discuss: - Avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur - Finding harmony between work and life - The importance of checking in with your self - Following your own path in life - The emotions that move us into clarity - Shira’s process with grief - Growing at different paces with partners - And, healing through expression *** Use the code: STATESHIFTERS10 for 10% off your GentSac order. *** Connect with the Shira on: Instagram: GentSac: Connect with me on: - Instagram: - Facebook: And don’t forget to join my Facebook group: ‘Reprogramming Your Mind With Meditation'