SSP 093: Weekly Lesson - Remember Who You Are


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State Shifters


This last week I noticed some shifts in my energy. Life was pulling back inward. I’ve noticed certain patterns that show up in my life when energy gets stuck in my body. Knowing your patterns of existence is crucial. They will show up in key moments just before you level up. In today’s lesson I discuss: - How to know if energy is trapped in your body - How I processed my energy block - Letting go of controlling the inner process - The importance of remembering who you are - The main practices I use to support me in letting go of stuck energy If you resonate with what I’m sharing send me a DM, let me know what insights you took from this week’s lesson. Connect with me on: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Email: Join my Facebook page ‘Reprogramming Your Mind with Meditation’ This podcast episode, recorded on March 16, 2021, is part of my IGTV series called “Weekly Lessons,” where I chat solo about some of the things I’ve learned over the week. I’ll be releasing these as a video on my Instagram every week, and every Tuesday as a podcast.