SSP 097: Weekly Lesson - Trusting The Feeling Of Expansion


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State Shifters


The mind likes to cling to things. It thinks life is linear. My intention recently has been to follow my bliss at the moment. One of the most powerful steps you can make in your evolution is letting go of thinking life is linear. Each and every moment there is subtle guidance that is unique to you. Learning to trust that feeling takes practice. If you don’t listen to it, the mind will default back to what is familiar (the known). In my case, if I didn’t listen to this feeling I’d probably still be sitting in an office right now doing tax returns and not on a beautiful rooftop looking at the ocean. Trusting the unknown requires a reset of your relationship to fear. For me, it meant building a stronger relationship with myself. When I trust myself and life, fear doesn’t control me. I become free to follow my bliss moment to moment without limitation.  If you know your relationship to fear is holding you back and you’re ready to follow your bliss, send me a dm or click the link in my bio to apply for my upcoming coaching program where I’ll be guiding a group through the exact process on how to build a stronger relationship with yourself and life. Connect with me on: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Email: Join my Facebook page ‘Reprogramming Your Mind with Meditation’ This podcast episode, recorded on May 12, 2021, is part of my IGTV series called “Weekly Lessons,” where I chat solo about some of the things I’ve learned over the week. I’ll be releasing these as a video on my Instagram every week, and every Tuesday as a podcast.