SSP 098: Weekly Lesson - Beginning the Journey


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State Shifters


In today’s live, I discuss the first 3 phases/areas of focus that I coach someone through when beginning their journey of creating the life they want. I also share some of the practices I’ve been using to support me in going deeper within myself. If you have any questions relating to what I shared, feel free to drop me a DM ❤️ Also, if you're interested in my course, please reach out. Connect with me on: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Email: Join my Facebook page ‘Reprogramming Your Mind with Meditation’ This podcast episode, recorded on May 18, 2021, is part of my IGTV series called “Weekly Lessons,” where I chat solo about some of the things I’ve learned over the week. I’ll be releasing these as a video on my Instagram every week, and every Tuesday as a podcast.