SSP 100: Josh Collins - Trusting Your Bliss


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State Shifters


In this week's episode, I invite my good friend, Josh Collins, back to celebrate the 100th episode of the show! Josh  (@jcoll11) has been one of my longest and best mates, a lifetime supporter, and someone with who I can always have deep and genuine conversations. You may recognize his voice as he’s helped me commemorate each milestone here at the State Shifters Podcast. I invite you to join us for the show's 100th time as we chat about the benefits of finding creative expression, how you can change the lens you use to perceive the world and the debate between voicing your opinion and refraining. We explore: - The impact of the pandemic lockdown on finding mental clarity - How morning journaling can support your personal growth - Tips to finding your creative expression - The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron - Why you need to start prioritizing the little victories - How you can change the lens you use to view things - The downside to voicing opinions online - How to voice your opinion in a relationship - And, the butterfly effect For those of you who are have been here for all 100 episodes and for the ones who are new to the podcast… thank you for all your love and support. If you enjoyed this podcast, check out my other episodes with Josh:  SSP 001: ‘Spiritual Growth While in A Romantic Relationship” and SSP 050: “The Purpose of Evolution.” Connect with Josh on: - Instagram: Connect with me on: - Instagram: - Facebook: