Star Wars Revan - Chapter 22


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On today's show, we will be discussing Star Wars The Old Republics Revan Chapter 22. In this chapter, we will be following Scourge, as he seeks out Sechel to find out all that Nyriss might know about the meeting he had with Meetra. plus he must get the proof required to convince Meetra to work with him. Level Up Lightsabers link - We hope you enjoy today's show. If you liked the show, please give a five-star rating on whatever platform you use to consume your content. It really does help. If possible, share it with your friends and family. It would be greatly appreciated. And don't forget to favorite the show. That way you will be notified every time we release a new episode. As always, thank you for spending your time listening to this podcast. For people with any questions about the show. Please do not hesitate to email us We would love to hear from you. Follow us on our Social Media for more great content. Email - Tik Tok - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - The story, art, and characters therein are the property of whoever holds the copyright to this material. We make no claim of ownership to the source material. This podcast was produced for noncommercial use, to be enjoyed by ourselves, fellow fans, and the original creators as a tribute to Star Wars. Please support the official release. Dawn of the Jedi - Into the Void - The Old Republic - Revan - Darth Bane - Path of Destruction - Darth Bane - Rule of Two - Darth Bane - Dynasty of Evil - #starwar #starwarsbook #starwarspodcast #starwarsfan #themandalorian --- Send in a voice message: