Steve McCarty in Conversation with Parveen Sharma - Knowing Japan and Learning


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JAPANCASTING with Steve McCarty


Japanacasting Podcast reaches the 8th Milestone with this extensive and amazing interview of Prof Steve McCarty. The talk relates to modern times. He is so subtle in his answers that you cannot stop wondering about the precision of these ideas. When he says that being modern is not being Western - he erases a huge amount of doubts from our minds.

He explains how Japan has become an ideal land with flawless discipline and healthy life.When it comes to learning Japanese, he has logical answers about the worth and weightage of the Japanese Language. He has been truthfully honest with us when we listed the limitations of Japan in terms of intercultural communication. About India, we do have him telling us that we are much more than spices and Agra!

Parveen Sharma and Steve McCarty!