Stress, Trauma & the Legal Professional: Off the Record with Loretta Oleksy & JLAP


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After of year of pandemic-related stress and challenges, people across the world are still struggling, and of course, legal professionals in our own community are no exception. When it gets to be too much, where can you go for help? Off the Record host Kerry Hyatt Bennett is here with Loretta Oleksy of the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) to help figure it all out. Together, Loretta and Kerry demystify JLAP and talk about the impact of the collective trauma we’ve all experienced together. JLAP has typically been associated with alcohol and addiction issues, but services and resources offered by the organization go much further. JLAP, which is a safe haven thanks to Rule 8.3 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, is a remarkable asset that can help with various mental health issues, concerns about colleagues, situational stressors, which can include grief, parenting, divorce, caregiving, and more. JLAP is prepared to offer much-needed support to our legal community, whether that means using it as a sounding board to determine a next step, taking advantage of a support group or enjoying a yoga or mindfulness practice. Show Notes: Rule 8.3About JLAPJLAP Events: Yoga, Mindfulness and Support GroupsMayim Bialik's Breakdown Podcast