Super Bowl LIII Recap, NBA Team Baskin Robbins Comparisons and a Fond Farewell… (Episode 31)


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Like all good things, this podcast too, must come to an end. However, don’t worry about having to miss our wonderful voices for long as your favorite hosts, Dan, Trav and Alan are starting a new more entertaining podcast for your listening pleasure. Keep an eye out on this feed, as well as, social media for the “Q Code Podcast” grand world wide release! Before we turn out the lights, the guys want to leave on a sports news bang as they recap Super Bowl LIII from multiple angles, cover a night of ineptitude for both a college basketball and NBA basketball team, and the craziness that surrounded the NBA trade deadline. Also, in tribute to our 31st episode the boys give you their thoughts on which Baskin Robbins original 31 flavors reminds them of which NBA teams and why. Don’t miss out on this swan song and listen today! Four3Forty Sports Podcast is a show by fans for fans who want to learn about the world of sports wagering while being thoroughly entertained.   (16:58) This Week in Sports Overall thoughts and opinions of Super Bowl LIII Big bettor gets down $3.8 million on Rams to win Super Bowl LIII Super Bowl LIII has lowest viewership in New Orleans in history National Anthem over/under betting controversy Bettor wins $100,000 on his $250 Super Bowl wager How much did Sony Michel save sportsbooks in the Super Bowl? What is the worst bet in Super Bowl history? How much do players make for playing in the Super Bowl? How did Usain Bolt tie an NFL record at the Super Bowl? Bolt runs 40 yard dash in 4.22 seconds Patrick Mahomes wins NFL MVP award NC State basketball team sets a record. (Spoiler alert, it’s not a good record) Lakers suffer a 42 point smack down at the hands of the Pacers Where does this rank in the pantheon of losses for LeBron? If you speak it, it will happen? At least that’s what LaVar Ball believes. Lakers don’t land Anthony Davis and other NBA trade deadline talk  (57:59) Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors and NBA Team Comparisons The guys select which of the original 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins best describes the current NBA teams? What flavor is your favorite team?   Referenced Material Articles (See Links Above) The Score Action Network   Find Us At Website: Twitter: @f3fsports Facebook: Four3Forty Sports Instagram: Four3Forty Sports Don’t forget to subscribe to the show through your podcast player of choice!