Sustaining Ourselves When Confronting Violence with Miski Noor & Kandace Montgomery


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Irresistible (fka Healing Justice Podcast)

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In participation with the week of action In Defense of Black Lives, we’re republishing a critical conversation that was shared under our previous name, Healing Justice, in April 2018. Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor of Black Visions Collective in Minneapolis took time to share with us about the 18-day police station occupation that followed the police murder of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis in 2015, and how healing, escalation, and direct action need to go hand-in-hand. We desperately wish this episode wasn’t so timely right now. For so many of our movements, times like now -- the moments when we are experiencing the most direct, deep racialized trauma, emergency, and injustice, when we really need to slow down for our own well-being -- are often the very moments that we also need to give the most, to escalate, to organize actions, hone our message, and fight back. We hope this wisdom-sharing from the past helps support you in navigating this time. For up to date trustworthy calls to action and places to donate, please see Black Visions Collective & the Movement for Black Lives. Transcript & links to listen at Check out the corresponding practice called Healing in Direct Action at For more Healing Resources for BIPOC Organizers and Allies Taking Action for Black Lives, visit ---- Thanks to Alyson Thompson for social media and Ana Cecilia for music. Irresistible is sponsored by Kalliopeia Foundation: Dedicated to reconnecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. Learn more at