SV033: Investing in Hardware with Grit Ventures Managing Partner Kelly Coyne


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On today’s show, we sit down with Kelly Coyne who is deeply immersed in the Silicon Valley start-up community. Having grown multiple start-ups from conception to over $100M valuations, she is a leading Go-To-Market expert. After earning her MBA from Oxford University, Kelly served at the helm of several early-stage hardware companies (Lily, Mimosa, Candl) and advised many others. Kelly has broad technology experience, but specializes in guiding Robotics, AI, AR/VR and computer vision companies from concept to launch. She has tremendous experience managing successful betas, developing use cases, connecting products to the right customers, and leading successful product launches. She has also seen some of the extreme pitfalls of SV start-ups - this unique knowledge helps her guide new companies to success. She is a Techstars and Oxford Creative Destruction Labs mentor.In this episode, you’ll learn:How have the VCs changed over time in relation to their paths and career backgrounds before becoming a VC?What are the skills or knowledge that is going to be key to be a successful VC in the future?What does it look like to be a fundable pre-seed hardware company?What are the two largest issues that early-stage robotics and artificial intelligence startups face?What is “humanized AI”?HELP US OUT!Help us reach new listeners by leaving us a rating and review! It takes less than 30 seconds and really helps our show grow, which allows us to bring on even better guests for you all! Thank you – we really appreciate it!Tweet your comments about this episode directly to Shawn Flynn and the rest of The Investor’s Podcast Community using #TIPSiliconValley.BOOKS AND RESOURCESDownload your free audiobook at Audible.Find the best job candidate at Ziprecruiter.Capital One. This is Banking Reimagined.Kelly Coyne on LinkedinGritVentures.comCapital One. This is Banking Reimagined.Experience a real estate investing platform that is powered by an investor-first model with Fundrise. Make your money work harder with Wealthsimple.Affordable, private online counseling. Anytime, anywhere with Betterhelp. GET IN TOUCH WITH SHAWNShawn Flynn’s Twitter AccountShawn Flynn’s LinkedIn AccountSilicon Valley LinkedIn Group AccountShawn Flynn’s Facebook AccountEmail: