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 Tell me.Do you ever find yourself irritated or feeling stuck as you scroll on Instagram or Facebook, wondering how they manifested their perfectly pixelated life?I know I did for so long  — until I learned how to live life from a place of pure potential through becoming self-aware with the right focus.And now, I celebrate other’s success.  You know why?Because badass entrepreneurs like our guest Dr.  David Snyder who is joining us today -  are a mirror and a projection of my own level of consciousness along with my aspirations.And the fact that I ended up on Clubhouse, allowing me to come into direct contact with David after appreciating his work for years…….is a sign that success does leave clues, and is why we’re here today.We attract like-minded frequencies - and how you interpret it, is up to your energetic neurology.But where do you start and what’s the secret?Well, David  is one of the OG’s of self mastery over the mind, body and spirit that allows YOU to take back control in your life.So if you know you need to do something different to get your next level breakthrough, but unsure how……Then make sure you stay to the end because there’s so much ripe and rich deep knowledge you will discover today …..What we explore: Mind-body techniques then and NOW. NLP and Hypnosis is a heart-centered intent - not mind control How to change the body’s code and influence with the VAKOG process V A K O G  stands for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory.The Somatic Experience: the Onramp and Offramp of the neurology SOMATIC SEARCH ENGINE:   Ever experience how you type into Google, and the search engine automatically answers the questions, no matter how badly formed your question is? You’ll ALWAYS get an answer.  That’s what the mind does - so the quality of the life we lead is based on the quality of the questions we ask. The Mysteries of Personal DevelopmentWhen you run into a flat tire, get a new tire and move on.If we continue to deflate our own tires, always looking for what's wrong with “us” - then you’ll never drive into the sunset of your desired destination.  The somatic address.  The moment the memory is found, there is a crossroads no matter where it is - to simultaneously heal + bring the body back into balance.  Somatic engagement:  The subconscious mind interoceptive (conscious and pre-conscious) and the proprioceptive field.  The interoceptive inner being coordinates the subconscious mind so you can work through your daily processes.    - Enter somatic engagement.  The Emotional Map of the Face - Anti-aging or Wisdom?Learn how to swap out the aging negative beliefs on the face and the meaning of them. Chinese medicine says that when you fix a problem whether resolved through the face/other, you resolve 9 generations back and forward.  the lines half way on the forehead represents it's not a completed journey the “11’s” are a sign of impatience and annoyanceSorrow and sadness at the mid-level cheekPurpose lines desending from nose to our lip.Crow lines at eye our edges: Joy UP Sadness DOWNScepticism lines above the outer upper eye brow.Humor is shown as a line middle of the lower lip.Bitterness are the lines on the L and R of the lower lip.   How the Personal development industry misguides our focus and keeps us stuck. -Locks us into false beliefs that we need to keep fixing ourselves-Change is hard and slow -You don't have to believe it - you just have to want to change -No coach that is trained on subconscious and quantum integration work to  hold you compassionate accountable long term on the tiny shifts and habits that create follow and speed to the unstoppable inertia to transformation Sleep, Focus and Neuroplasticity: Neuroplasticity happens when we are in the theta brain waves and deep sleep, not when you’re in the imaginal visualization.   Studies show when activating 20 Minutes of deep theta rest to turn off the focused thinking accelerates neuroplasticity.  When you’re learning a new activity, or studying a topic and are playing tones, when you play that tone at night, it will activate the learning rates and integration 2 times faster. The Spiritual HouseWhen a house is left for years with no one in it- the house breaks down much faster than when it has people in it due to the spirit.   The same goes for the body. Next cycle through each one and make it faster and faster and doing this velocity and speed, you'll  consciously create and maintain it so that it will become an energetic imprint that gains speed to manifesting it into your reality. About David: David Snyder is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on Specialized Hypnotic Influence Technologies. He is a certified Hypnosis Trainer, Master Practitioner and Trainer In NLP and tirelessly works to develop training and educational opportunities designed to raise the skill level and professional status of hypnotists all over the worldIn addition David holds a Master of Arts Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has pioneered the use of hypnotic technique in combination with acupuncture therapy and Martial Arts as a 9th Degree Black Belt. Where to find David: https://www.nlppower.com/Share the Love:If you like The Awakened Beauty Podcast…. 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