S2 01 Tax differences across Asia Pacific, Part 1


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Value Added Talk


Get an essential overview of indirect and corporate tax rates and understand the compliance challenges that new market entrants can face in APAC. Jacek, Sylvia and Rob kick off season two of the Value Added Talk podcast with a listener-voted topic and invite colleague Shagun Kumar onto the show to explore the APAC tax environment, with examples from India, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. This two-part episode covers: indirect taxation jurisdictional tax differences corporate tax rates; trends and how they’re being used to attract international investment digitisation and tax liabilities for distance sellers compliance challenges some of the more unusual taxes that businesses can encounter in APAC. Have a question for the show? Get in touch: podcast@tmf-group.com Short on time? Skip ahead: 00:01 Intro 05:41 The indirect tax environment across Asia Pacific 07:22 Lack of regional tax groupings 09:03 Indian GST 11:45 Corporate tax rates 15:34 APAC tax digitisation trends 20:04 How businesses are coping with the change to digital reporting systems. CREDITS Your hosts are: Jacek Szufan, Sylvia Petkova and Rob Hutchinson Producer: Carlie Bonavia Theme music: Roulette Wheel by JAM Studio, purchased from Shutterstock Music. Value Added Talk is a production of TMF Group.