TBL Episode 124: The secret connection between finance and operations


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Evolved Finance


One of my favorite sayings about running a small business is, “If your small business isn’t making sales, you’re simply funding an expensive hobby.” This is why learning how to generate consistent revenue in your online business is such an important skill to develop from the start. This is also why there are so many coaching programs and marketing services dedicated to helping small businesses generate more sales. But there does come a point where simply making more sales won’t keep a business financially healthy. In fact, we’ve had fairly large online businesses reach out to us who are generating lots of revenue but their financial health is still in jeopardy. You might ask, “how is this even possible?” It’s almost always because the business owner doesn’t understand the connection between their finances and how they operate their business. That’s why for this episode, we discuss: How your business model affects your operations Why generating more revenue is not always the answer to solving your online business’s financial issues Why we’re seeing our clients take more care with how their businesses function and how our bookkeeping service helps them to do it Why you need to be more strategic with the internal operations of your business if you want to become more profitable