TBL Episode 126: What it means to prepare your online business for growth


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Evolved Finance


I don’t think many people predicted in March or April of 2020 how beneficial COVID would be for the online business world. I fully understand and acknowledge that COVID has been devastating for many industries and communities, but we are fortunate that the online business space has not impacted.  In the last year, we saw more of our client’s businesses take huge leaps in revenue than ever before and, as exciting as that growth has been for them, it has also challenged them in ways they have never experienced before (and that goes for us at Evolved Finance, too!).  New levels of revenue mean new problems to solve and new barriers to overcome. So how do you prepare your business so you can handle big leaps in growth? That’s why we discuss: Why your business model can make or break your ability to grow as quickly as you would like How systems and processes can make or break your business’s ability to serve more customers at once Why you need to get comfortable with the idea of bringing on more contractors and employees to help you with your growing business How to make it easier to staff up Why your vision for your business needs to get clearer as you generate more revenue How good financial data can make planning for growth dramatically easier