Teacher Pay vs Work Hours - Which Is Better For South Korean Teachers?


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A 2016 education report from The Economist asks if higher wages or less working hours make a better teacher. While South Korea has one of the highest wages for public teachers in the OECD, public teachers in the ROK also spend double the average amount of time on administrative tasks. Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland spoke with Economist data journalist Slavea Chankova & Ellen Sherratt, the co-Deputy Director of the Center on Great Teachers & Leaders & senior researcher at American Institutes for Research, to find out more. Find more info on teacher pay vs work hours at http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2016/04/daily-chart-18Stream this episode online at http://www.spreaker.com/user/seoulitup/teacher-pay-vs-work-hours-which-is-betteDownload the full episode at http://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/12053823/south_korean_teacher_pay_working_hours_korea_fm.mp3Rate & Review this podcast at http://bit.ly/KFMReviewThis episode is brought to you by Podcast Assist & its $30 per hour flat rate podcasting voice overs, editing, mastering, transcriptions & even hosting (select a topic, they'll create & host the podcast). Visit Facebook.com/PodcastAssist for more information.Subscribe to this & other Korea FM original content via:iTunes - http://apple.co/1O91B39Overcast - http://bit.ly/KFMovercastRSS - http://bit.ly/KFMfeedStitcher - http://bit.ly/KFMstitcherPlayer FM - http://bit.ly/KFMplayerfmTunein - http://bit.ly/KFMtuneinAcast - http://bit.ly/KFMacast