TENET, Video Games, Timecrimes & Predestination with Jimmy Jung Lu - Bonus Episode (English)


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Jimmy stayed a while after our Mank discussion to talk a little bit about Video Games and how the industry is merging with cinema. We also delved into the movies TENET, Timecrimes, and a little bit of Predestination.  Connect with Jimmy - FB & Twitter @Jimmyjunglu, Instagram @jimmyjungludp   Connect with Media Revue Pod - FB & Twitter @mediarevuepod #mediarevuepod, Instagram @richardst30, email mediarevuepod@gmail.com, voicemail (407) 603-5847.    Time Stamps: Video Games - 00:00:57 TENET - 00:11:18 Timecrimes - 00:45:33 Predestination - 00:53:57