That Davis Show: ESPN Drama, NBA Finals, WNBA & MLB All-Stars plus Matt Nagy


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Ken Davis and producer Ryan Bukowiecki bring their unique opinions and exclusive interviews each week in the same classic style of The D & Davis Show. This week: 1:24 - ESPN caught in another debacle 15:15 - Wild drama through first four games of the NBA Finals 21:12 - Who has the advantage in the remaining best of three? 32:06 - Women's national basketball team gets taken down by WNBA All-Stars 36:31 - MLB All-Star game recap, early trade/2nd half speculation 44:31 - Bears training camp report and our own Ken Davis sits with Matt Nagy 56:39 - Plain and simple: is it a mistake the Bears didn't get a deal done with Allen Robinson? 1:04:30 - Getting 2004 bronze medal vibes from the current men's national basketball team? Make sure to subscribe, rate, retweet, and share the podcast and follow the show on all social media @ThatDavisShow for updates and more great content. Subscribe to WARR on Anchor and follow WARR for all the latest on our movement and stay tuned for upcoming episodes and specials from your guys. provides the best independent coverage of sports and culture -- feel free to share our content and rate us well here or wherever else you find our podcasts. Thanks for listening. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: