That Fall Back An Hour Feeling- Ep. 69


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Proceed with Caution


How was everyone's October and Halloween? The AirPods Pro came out and I realize don't everyone has smelled a sneeze. It's also that time of year that people start discussing Daylight Saving Time. by the way it is Daylight Saving Time, not savings. There a pros and cons to stopping it or keeping it. Either way you still are gonna have darkness on the way home from October to February. Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is a place with great comfort food and a good price. It seems like people just like to complain and be unhappy. Where To Listen and Subscribe: iTunes: Spotify: Soundcloud: Google Play Music: Stitcher App: TuneIn: Podchaser: Be sure to follow us: Merch: Twitter- @PWCPod @JakeLX Instagram- @PWCPodcast @JakeLX Facebook- Recorded: 02 November 2019 Published: 02 November 2019