The 3 C's of Social Media w/ Mahdi Woodard


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Ideas That Shape The World


In episode #9 of ‘Ideas That Shape the World’, Mahdi Woodward breaks down the 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing coming from his experience of developing new products and managing integrated marketing campaigns for several well-known brand. Mahdi has found that in order to go professionally, you need to grow your personal connections too! So, without further ado, let’s delve into the show!Time Stamped Show Notes00:52: Introduction of Mahdi Woodward03:42: A brief background of Mahdi Woodward05:10: How Mahdi defied the odds and made his transition into full-time entrepreneurship07:44: The top 3 lessons of Mahdi11:10: The strategy to build your audience15:41: How to gain the trust of your target audience18:04: How to really connect with your audience22:13: How do you make the transition from a full-time job to full-time entrepreneurship25:30: Mahdi’s way of transitioning28:48: Summary of how to manage business & grow it31:38: How to make consistent quality content to share it with your audience32:47: The 3 C’s of ContentNeed help with Brand development, Digital Marketing, or Lead Generation? Creative Thought Solutions helps Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers work smarter, not harder while standing out in the marketplace and attracting high paying clients.